Frequently Asked Questions

How’s the process for publishing a book?

First of all we register your ebook, and get the ISBN number. After that we design you a cover of the ebook based on a short description you will to us, and inspired by 10 e/book covers you like. Meanwhile we will set the layout and format of your ebook. We will send you the finished ebook once it is error free and ready to publish. (See this video in case you need a guide to publish your ebook on amazon/ apple/…)

What are the requirements to start?
  • - Author Name or Authors and coordinator.
  • - Title
  • - Book description
For ebook cover:
  • - Short content description
  • - 10 images of favorite covers
For ebook:
  • - File in .doc or .docx
My book has illustrations/ graphics/formulas. How should I send these?

You can send all your images in high quality .jpg files inside a .zip Please verify that each image has a reference number for the position inside the book.

What’s the difference between a PDF and eBook?

A PDF is a simple file, mainly use for guides, demonstrative documents and so on. most platforms do not allow uploading a pdf file as eBook.

The eBooks is the most accepted file in the book stores platforms and it comes with several advantages:
  • - Dynamic content
  • - Comfortable reading by changing the screen mode
  • - Taking notes, underline
  • - Share notes via email
  • - Dictionary
To whom belong the rights of my eBook?

Only to you. Fabro just helps you in the technical part.

I would like to publish my eBook with the logo/s of my institution/organization/company. Is that possible?

Of course. We just need an authorization letter from the institution/organization/company that allow us to use the logo.

Do you do proofreading?

We do not proofread your book, we can make a quotation other wise so you can be sure that your ebook is error free.

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